The more we want our children to be (1) lifelong learners, genuinely excited about words and numbers and ideas, (2) avoid sticking with what’s easy and safe, and (3) become sophisticated thinkers, the more we should do everything possible to help them forget about grades.
— Alfie Kohn

No arbitrary “A”s or “B”s based on test scores, comparison to other students, or arbitrary teacher decision, or whatever complex rubric one would use to decide such a thing. We will work closely with parents to make sure their children are getting the most out of our school, and that they are growing intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Yes there are times where grades may help, but far too often it's a source of frustration, fear, and anger. And it takes the shape of a constant threat in the background. Learn, remember, or else. I wouldn't wish that on any adult, how much more so a child who is still learning to master himself and his emotions.


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